Returns and Repairs


This policy defines the conditions under which Customers of Industrial Automation Products, Inc. (DBA KIM CONTROLS) may return products for warranty and non-warranty repair. This policy applies to all products sold by Kim Controls.

Limits of Liability

An RMA does not guarantee a refund or replacement. Neither KIM CONTROLS nor the Manufacturer is liable for damages to goods, property, or persons due to improper installation or through attempts to utilize the goods under conditions which exceed the designed capabilities. If the Manufacturer of the product finds the problem to be due to “customer abuse”, credit will not be issued and the Customer will be notified of such action. Neither KIM CONTROLS nor the Manufacturer is responsible for any loss or damage for packages damaged in transit for any reason. Customers are responsible for ensuring that the product is properly packaged for shipment. Freight charges are customer’s responsibility and we highly recommend that you insure the item, at your expense, for the amount of the potential credit that you are seeking.

Credit Returns

Please contact our Repairs/Returns Department for issuance of an RMA before returning any products to us. We require return approval for your product by our Support Staff before an RMA can be issued.

Before Requesting a Return for Credit
Please review the following information and instructions before requesting an RMA. Do not return any items without an approved RMA:

  1. Products must be returned within 30 days of shipment date and may or may not incur a restock fee. Kim Controls is a distributor for many manufacturers, each with their own policies.  Please contact our repairs and returns department at and they will send you the proper form and detailed manufacturer's policy for your particular product.
  2. All date codes and/or serial numbers must be supplied before an RMA can be issued. If date codes and/or serial number labels have been defaced or altered in any way, the warranty will be void. No exceptions.
  3. Products must be returned in the original boxes in like new condition. The return must include all documentation, cables and other components included with the original parts shipment.
  4. Do not mark or write on the original product box to avoid return rejection or possible refurbishing fee.
  5. Do not ship any items without an approved RMA.
  6. Upon RMA approval, follow the instructions on the form.
  7. Shipments should be in an appropriate shipping container to avoid product damage. Return only products that are specified on that RMA. Additional products sent without approval will be returned to you.

Submit RMA requests via email to:

Completed RMA forms are reviewed and responded to promptly with a disposition. If you do not receive the RMA promptly, check your email spam folder to ensure it was not blocked. Contact us if you require fax submittal.


Warranty Repair & Return

All products are subject to the terms of their respective original Limited Warranty or Extended Warranty Agreement. The Manufacturer shall make the final determination as to the application of warranty. Products requiring repair and found to be within Warranty will be repaired and returned from Manufacturer’s respective facility.

Customer's Responsibility To Validate Warranty Time Period

Warranty claims must be received by KIM CONTROLS within the warranty period.

Products Found Non-Warranty on Warranty Claims

Customers are promptly notified about Products not covered by Warranty on a warranty claim. All items determined to be Non-Warranty will be subject to Non-Warranty terms and conditions and Manufacturer’s applicable inspection fee. Customers have 5 days from the issue date to accept or decline the non-warranty repair. If a Customer declines to authorize the Non-Warranty repair or fails to respond within the 5-day period, the Customer will be charged the minimum inspection fee and item will be returned at Customer’s expense.

Non-Warranty Repairs

Non-Warranty Repairs

If you have an inquiry for a product that is outside of the standard warranty period, contact KIM CONTROLS for issuance of Repair Authorization. Each Manufacturer has different returns and warranty policies. All Non-Warranty items are subject to Manufacturer’s inspection and repair charges, which may not be determined until Manufacturer’s inspection.

If Non-Warranty Repair is determined, customer will be provided with repair costs. Customer must submit a Repair PO or payment for the specified amount. Costs include repair parts and labor to repair the Non-Warranty item. Repair prices do not include cosmetic repair or replacement of missing parts, replacement of missing vital/critical parts or assemblies, rebuilding/overhaul of products requiring extensive repair part replacements and/or repair labor time.

Repair prices are subject to change without notice.

Items Deemed Non-Repairable

In the event product is found to have one or more of the following conditions: extensive physical and/or electrical damage, missing vital/critical parts, unauthorized modification, repairing cannot restore the Product to its original operating specifications; the Product will be deemed non-repairable and the Customer will be contacted promptly on how they wish to proceed.