Enerdoor EMI and RFI Filters

Enerdoor EMF Suppression

Enerdoor offers robust EMI and RFI Filters to help solve your noise issues and help you comply with EU directives for your export market. Industry solutions offered include On-site CE Compliance and Pre-Compliance testing. Unique in the industry, Enerdoor offers a flat rate testing service and a commitment to not leave your facility until your equipment is compliant. We are proud to work with you and Enerdoor, solving electromagnetic interference, providing electronic device protection, measuring harmonic distortions, and helping you achieve your goal of CE Certification. Call one of our engineers today at 888-296-1295 to discuss the options!

Product categories include:

  • EMI/ RFI Filter
  • Parallel Filter
  • DC Filter
  • Motor Protection
  • Harmonic Filter
  • MRI Filter - Military Filter
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Surge Arrester/ Surge Protection
  • Safety Encapsulated Transformer
  • Ignition System
  • Custom Filter