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Speed Sensors, Tachometers and more

Al-Tek Instruments manufactures hundreds of different speed sensors. Our online catalog lists the standard units AI-Tek developed, based on years of design experience and knowledge, to provide you readily available products to solve your sensor solution to your speed control or indication needs. Many of the Al-Tek speed sensors produced are designed for special applications, which offers you a highly versatile and flexible line of sensors to choose from.

Designed to meet severe industrial, automotive and aerospace environments, Al-Tek speed sensors, will provide reliable, around-the-clock operation for many years under adverse conditions. AI-Tek has paid particular attention to trouble areas such as vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, wet, oily and corrosive atmospheres. Many of their standard speed sensors are specifically designed for high temperature, high or low speeds, various targets or for precise accuracy and timing applications.

Passive Magnetic Sensors

Control and protection circuits have relied on variable reluctance technology for years. With few components and no moving parts, the passive magnetic speed sensors can provide a signal from the inside of an aircraft engine at temperatures approaching 425°C or from the hub of an automobile wheel at high shock and vibration. The advantages of these sensors are: High reliability

  • Simple installation
  • Long life due to no moving parts or contacts
  • Self powered operation
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Easy alignment
  • Can be designed for almost any environment

Due to their flexibility, you will find Al-Tek variable reluctance sensors in everything from low-cost consumer products to highly-accurate automotive engine ignition systems to flight-worthy aircraft engine controls. If you have a unique, special requirement which cannot be met with any of the standard options, Ai-Tek will review your specs and work with you on a special sensor design.

Hall Effect Sensors

AI-Tek has taken its years of experience of designing and manufacturing Hall Effect sensors for engine timing applications and has developed a line of durable products for industrial use.

With multiple standard variations we offer the widest range of standard catalog sensors to meet your various design needs. The design is flexible to easily meet all of your application requirements.

The Hall Effect sensor can sense each change in target movement, regardless of speed,from near zero to 15 kHz frequency range, generating a steady pulse train of frequency proportional to target speed. Typically, each time a gear tooth (or any ferrous discontinuity) passes in front of the sensor the output changes state. This type of sensor is known as a "P" type because it uses N-P-N transistor logic (as opposed to "N" type, which uses P-N-P transistor logic).

  • Key features to note are:
  • Reverse voltage protection, up to -30 Vdc, to prevent damage if miswired
  • Higher temperature range of -40°C to +125°C <
  • Wide range of supply voltage in single design of 4.5 - 24 Vdc
  • Two output options of Supply Tracking or TTL Compatible
  • Rugged design meeting IEC 77 Standards (European Railroad Applications)


Suitable for 24 diametral pitch or coarser gear (target), the standard catalog sensors are easily applied to your various sensing needs. If you have a unique, special requirement which cannot be met with any of the standard options, Ai-Tek will gladly review your specs and work with you on a special sensor design.


AI-Tek Instruments offers fast response and high-precision tachometers for monitoring and protection. Field programming allows easy installation and upgrading, while minimizing part number variations. Options include 0-20mAdc, 4-20mAdc, -20 to 0 to +20mAdc output, 5-digit display, RS485, 2 solid state relays, 2 mechanical relays, with standard, NEMA 4x or explosion proof enclosures.

  • Improved instrument accuracy, processing speed and response time
  • Frequency, period or counter modes
  • Accepts bi-directional sensor inputs, decodes quadrature or direction signal logic
  • 126 x 64 pixel LCD backlit display for speed, units, alarm status, security and programming (TACHTROL series)
  • 4 relays with user-defined set points and behavior
  • Analog output: 0 or 4 - 20mA, -20 to +20mA with use of bi-directional sensor
  • Two programming methods: Front panel on display or USB2.0 connectivity to PC / Windows-based GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Utility RS485 communication allows full GUI function (up to 8000 ft)
  • Drives up to 8 remote displays (TTplus)
  • Wide range of AC or DC power
  • Environmentally hardened for temperature, vibration and shock
  • EMC / CE compliant to current BS EN directives.
  • RoHS Compliant